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Hello! Happy February, and thanks so much for your interest in being tattooed by me.

For this booking round, I am offering a selection of custom designs and sketches at a range of prices and made to fit a range of placements on the body. Let the design choose you! 

These designs will be ready to be scheduled in the months of May-August.

Browse the selection of designs in The Studio's online store. If you see one you want to claim to have tattooed, click the purchase button. The $50 payment will act as a deposit on the tattoo to secure your appointment.  
You will receive an email with an option for an appointment date within two weeks of paying the deposit.

*Please leave your email address in the note section upon checkout.

*Listed prices in the designs description may slightly vary depending on size, color, or placement.

*If you were hoping to submit a custom idea, please return on August 1st to fill out the tattoo request form. 

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