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Thank you for your interest in Ariel's work and for participating in this booking system!

Access the form on August 15th, at 12 AM by clicking the button below.
The form will be available for 24 hours.

Due to a high volume of requests and limited availability, not everyone who submits will get an appointment. Please allow up to two weeks for Ariel to sort through the submissions. We really appreciate your patience!

You will then be contacted by Spencer, The Studio's manager. He will either offer you a date option to schedule your piece or a polite declination and offer personalized referrals to another trusted, quality artist local to the area. Please do your best to keep an eye on your inbox to ensure we find you the best date for your session as efficiently as possible!

Ideas that are best suited to Ariel's style, and ideas that spark her interests are most likely to be scheduled. In order to make sure that all submissions are processed fairly, we move through scheduling in chronological order based on the time at which the form was submitted.

Continuations of existing, unfinished pieces are generally given priority, as well as flash/original designs. You can find available flash pieces at the link at the bottom of this page. All custom pieces will be drawn in Ariel's style, and if you would like abstract elements added to the focal piece of your concept, let us know!

There is limited space available this booking round, and a total of 20 custom ideas will be anonymously chosen by concept, as well as 5 slots for abstract freehand sessions, and several slots for original flash designs!

Since these custom appointments will be selected based on the stylistic compatibility of your concept, alterations of your design will need to be submitted again during Ariel's next booking round. If you have multiple concepts, please include them on the same form, and please keep them to a maximum of two! Continuations of unfinished pieces will not count as one of the 20 new custom slots, and will be automatically accepted!

If you are interested in claiming a flash design, visit our website store to claim your design, instead of filling out a submission form! These designs will not be repeated, and purchase of your design will act as your appointment deposit.

When submitting your concept and outlining your availability, please try to be as detailed as possible, as this is extremely helpful when designing your tattoo and scheduling your appointment.

Subjects Ariel particularly enjoys tattooing include, but are not limited to:
- Nature
- Skulls & Bones
- Art Nouveau 
- Bugs/Plants/Animals
- Frogs
- Horror
- Biological Themes
- Abstract work
- Futuristic elements blended with nature

There are a few things that are guaranteed not to be scheduled:

- Tribal
- Realism/portraits
- Watercolor tattoos
- Cover ups/reworks
- Geometric/mandalas

Appointment dates for this round will be scheduled for November 2022 - February 2023 depending on the number of requests received.  

Hourly rate- $160

Deposit amount- $100
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