Thank you for considering me to be your tattoo artist! 
Currently, my schedule is full, but you may keep up with scheduling, travel updates, and latest artwork for sale on instagram @SamanthaCastrovinci or at
​Appointments are usually scheduled bi- yearly.  However, due to the recent setback of the Stay At Home order from March-June, New appointment requests will be considered again on January 1st 2021.  Make sure to set an alarm or reminder to contact me as requests for an appointment may be taken on that one day only.  
1/1/21 Please return to this website to fill out a helpful form.
​Appointments are booked and prioritized based on continuations of tattoos already started by me, and ideas that best suit a preferred style.  Coverups, reworks or continuations of tattoos started by other artists are not guaranteed to be accepted. If waiting is not an option for you, or If your idea is not taken on by me, you can visit a list of talented artists composed by me here:
​If we are already in correspondence about an appointment, please pardon any delay in response time.  All requests submitted on February 1st 2020 are being processed and sorted for scheduling in the months of August-November 2020.
A $50.00 deposit will be requested after scheduling.  ​
Hourly rate: $150/hour.
Minimum: $100.


​Thank you for your business, patience and trust!