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Thank you for your interest in Samantha's work and for participating in this booking system.

Due to a high volume of requests and limited availability, not everyone who submits will get an appointment. 
Appointment dates for this round will be scheduled for Winter 2021-Spring 2022.

Ideas that are best suited to Samantha's style, and ideas that spark her interests are most likely to be scheduled. There are a few things that are guaranteed not to be scheduled:

-Watercolor tattoos
-Persephone, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades
-Wolves, trees
-Floral bouquets
-Themes from movies and cartoons.

After submitting the form, please allow up to two weeks for us to contact you with either a date option to schedule your piece or a polite declination. 

Hourly rate- $175
Deposit amount- $50
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