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Thank you for your time and interest in the work of Peach Boa! 

Read all info below before accessing the request form

Please note: Peach will be with us on a guest artist basis until further notice, depending on how far out your appointment is scheduled, your appointment may take place at a different studio than ours!

In order to make sure that all submissions are processed fairly, we move through scheduling in chronological order based on the time at which the form was submitted.
Due to a high volume of requests and limited availability, not everyone who submits will get an appointment.  

Spencer, the Studio's manager, will contact you with notice of your concept's acceptance or a polite declination of your design concept...if your concept is declined, it is only due to a high demand for Peach's work in addition to a finite amount of availability.
Continuations of existing pieces are generally given priority.  Ideas that are best suited to Peach's style, and ideas that spark her interests are most likely to be scheduled and are detailed below.  

When submitting your concept, please try to be as detailed as possible, as this is extremely helpful when designing your tattoo.

Hourly rate - Sliding scale of $150-200 per hour

Deposit amount - $100-200

Stay informed about Peach and her work on her Instagram @peach.boa

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