Thyme Heals All- Healing oil and all natural tattoo aftercare contains all organic and responsibly sourced ingredients.  Thyme Heals All healing oil is a great for all natural tattoo aftercare plus any other skin ailment or wound.  It is a natural remedy for acne and eczema.  The oil has a serum-like consistency that is easy to spread on a fresh tattoo or wound.  A little goes a long way.   Refrigerate the oil to get a firmer consistency and a cooling sensation on a painful skin ailment. 


  • Thyme essential oil-Known for its antiseptic properties and killing infection causing bacteria.  Also promotes circulation for better healing. 

  • Olive oil-wonderfiul for hydrating skin, contains vitamin E and A.

  • Coconut oil-contains beneficial fats to help heal, moisturizes and nourishes. 

  • Lavender essential oil-anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. 

  • Rosemary essential oil-anti fungal, antiseptic and antimicrobial.

  • Tea tree essential oil-fights infection, antimicrobial, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory.

  • Cruelty-free beeswax- does not clog pores, hydrates skin, contains vitamin A and is a natural sun protectant.

  • Soybean oil-contains Vitamin E, B and K, and naturally protects from the sun. 

 For best results, use within one year date on the bottle.

Thyme Heals All-Aftercare oil

  • Expect: Discomfort, soreness and swelling on or near tattoo. Symptoms increase for tattoos below the knee.

    • To aid healing, hydrate by drinking recommended amount of daily water.

    • Healing time ranges 2-4 weeks.


    • ​Contact with pets

    • Contact with unclean surfaces

    • Shaving over tattooed area

    • Contact with unclean blankets/sheets

    • Petroleum based ointments

    • Dirt and dust

    • Picking

    • Scratching

    • Touching your new tattoo with unwashed hands, or allowing others to touch.

    • Shared gym equipment and shared exercise mats

    • Sweat from others

    • Friction

    • Constricting clothing

    • Sun exposure

    • When your tattoo is healed, please apply sunblock as a normal routine to maintain rich blacks and bright colors in your tattoo

    • Any kind of swimming or soaking

    • Heavily scented soaps, loofahs, washcloths; Wash with hands only

    ​STANDARD AFTERCARE:  Recommended for smaller tattoos or people without contact with pets and unclean environments.

    • Remove bandage after one hour

    • Wash tattoo with warm water, clean hands, and an unscented and gentle soap.  Let it air dry.

    • Wrap in plastic wrap overnight for the first 3 nights.

    • In the morning, unwrap and dispose of plastic wrap.  Wash the tattoo with warm water as it is normal for blood, lymph fluid, and trace amounts of ink to collect under plastic wrap. Let air dry.

    • Apply Thyme Heals All or another approved ointment (see below)

              twice a day for two weeks.

    • If a  moisture rash occurs (sometimes resembling pimples or whiteheads),

                 discontinue any use of any lotion or oil.

    • In 3-4 days the tattoo will scab, peel, and itch.  Do not pick, scratch, or over moisturize.  

    WET HEALING:  This method is advised  for people who live with pets, and/or work in unclean environments.  Wrapping the tattoo in plastic wrap consistently for 3-4 days will protect it from infection-causing elements, decreases scabs, and promotes healing for a better tattoo result.

    • ​Remove bandage after one hour and wash tattoo with warm water, clean hands, and an unscented gentle soap. Let air dry for about an hour.

    • Wrap tattoo in plastic wrap.  Expect blood, and lymph fluid, and traces of ink to collect under plastic wrap for the first day or two.

    • 6-8 hours later, unwrap and clean the tattoo with warm water and let it air dry.

    • Apply a small amount of Thyme Heals All

    • Re-wrap with plastic wrap and repeat every 6-8 hours for 3-4 days.

    • After 3-4 days of wrapping, your tattoo will flake and peel.  Continue lightly apply oil or unscented lotion twice a day.

    • If moisture rashes occur (often resembling pimples or whiteheads)

                 discontinue any use all lotions or oil.