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Artist Referrals and Recommendations

These artists and studios have our personal trust and are creative and professional.  All listed are local or semi-local, and well worth the drive.


Dogstar Tattoo is a trusted shop, Catherine the owner always has great tattoo artists on staff.


Megan Chuntz at their private studio

Can do it all.  Anime, Color and black and gray, versatile, illustrative, florals

Portfolio: @meganchuntz


Versatile and can handle anything.  Specializes in traditional. 

Portfolio: @theteje

Shaine Smith

Versatile, Biomech, alien, coverups.



Ethereal Tattoo Gallery

Brian Parillo

Black and gray, sparse color, realism, geometry, minimalism

Portfolio: @brianparilloart

Skip Gibbs at Black Rose Tattoo 

Versatile, Freehand, versatile, script, bright colors on dark skin, celebrity portraits

Portfolio: @brightwood_skip

Jessica Goldstein at her Private Studio

Versatile and artistic. Specializes in black and gray realism. 


Everyone at Welcome Tattoo 


Serapy Rodriguez

Lettering, fine line, black and gray 

Portfolio: @serapy1


Chapel Hill 


Ascension tattoo has a very talented crew of all-female artists. The Studio and location are exquisite. 



Rich Labrosse at RTP Tattoo Lab



Rock N Roll Tattoo GLENWOOD


Triple Moon Tattoo

Everyone at @triplemoontattoo



Marie Reverie Tattoo

Mandalas, henna, florals, black and gray, etching, illustrative

Portfolio: @marie_reverie

M.J. at Electric Blue Tattoo

Coverups, versatile, bright colors, traditional, neo-traditional, black and gray, pop culture, watercolor

Portfolio: @electric_blue_tattoo

First Class Tattoo is most trusted and welcomes walk-ins.  

owner Edgar specializes in traditional.



Dean Caves at Old Ghosts Tattoo 

Traditional, Japanese, Large Scale, Eastern, and western influences merged.

Portfolio: @deancaves

Phoenix tattoo is full of talented people. For Great black and gray, color, portraits and versatility see any artist including Lacie the owner


Inkability Tattoo

Everyone @inkability_tattoos

Golden Coils Tattoo

Everyone @goldencoilstattoo



Best Ink of Fayetteville has a very impressive lineup of talented and versatile artists



Jennifer Fowler at Larkspurtattoostudio

Versatile, realism, neo-traditional, color, black and gray

Portfolio: @jen_ink

Shane Varner at Dark Roots Tattoo

Watercolor, nature, florals, versatile, black and gray, neo-traditional, realism, illustrative

Portfolio; @shane_varner


Zach Rabil at Combined Mindz

New school, neo-traditional, color, black and gray

Portfolio: @zacharyrabiltattoo

Matt Wilkins at Combined Mindz

Watercolor, versatile, color, black and gray, realism, bio mech

Portfolio: @mattwilkinstattoo



Sierra Jacobs at Obsidian Tattoo Studio


All artists at Golden Spiral Studios are top-notch. 


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