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Thank you for considering me to be your tattoo artist!


The importance of understanding and following the guidelines of this booking process is imperative as it is the only way to schedule with me.


Your patience and willingness to participate in this process of booking is extremely appreciated. It helps us maintain organization with a high volume of requests, making our communication with you as clear and prompt as possible. It will also assist in determining if I'm the right artist for your tattoo project.


Unfortunately, there are not enough available appointments to accommodate everyone who submits an idea. The volume of requests normally received is higher than the amount of available appointments, so I am forced to be very selective about the ideas that are taken on.  This is to ensure that every one of my clients gets the best work I have to offer.  You deserve an artist who is genuinely interested in your concept.  So if your idea is not booked by me, you can read more about why in the following texts, and please see the list of local tattoo artist referrals we have composed here:


General pricing/rates

  • Starting this booking round, my hourly rate is 200/hour.  Previously discussed prices will be respected until the project is complete. 

  • Before requesting a continuous piece such as an arm/leg sleeve, full back etc, It is important to know the reality of the time and monetary commitment it takes to achieve a large piece. 

  • Your budget will be asked in the tattoo request form, and we will let you know if your idea is attainable within your price range.  If it's not,  we can talk about alternative sizes or strategies.


Ideas/themes/styles that are preferred and considered

  • Folklore

  • Art nouveau mixed with biomechanical (bio-nouveau)

  • Retro sci-fi

  • Supernatural 

  • Deities

  • Psychedelia/surrealism

  • Disembodied faces/human anatomy mixed with natural elements

  • Bugs/plants/animal/reptiles

  • Futuristic elements blended with nature

  • Birds and faces overlapped or blended 

  • American or Japanese traditional with my stylized twist 

  • Portraits of dogs or humans in an illustrative style

  • Art Nouveau  

  • Art Deco motifs 

  • Full-figured fairies

  • Geological/terrestrial themes

  • Biological themes

  • Skulls and bones

  • Extraterrestrial life

  • Cryptozoology 

Ideas/requests that will not be scheduled 

  • Anime/movie/cartoon/pop culture/gaming tattoos-Due to my lack of knowledge/interest in these subjects

  • Requests that are too vague- Any requests including phrases such as “whatever you want to tattoo” or requests without any direction, or indecision of subject matter will not be considered.  

  • Requests that have too many subject elements- A tattoo that has more than one major subject and two supporting background elements can become too aesthetically busy for my particular creative process. 

  • Watercolor tattoos-  This style is not practiced by me, but by many other artists in the area who really enjoy it. 

  • Photo realism- This style is not a strong suit of mine, and there are other local artists who specialize in this particular style. 

  • Cover ups- They are often outside of my skill set unless the existing piece is extremely small or faint, being covered up by a full or partial sleeve/large piece.  There are other local artists who specialize in cover ups.

  • Octopus 

  • Lions 

  • Pocket watches/clocks/compass 

  • Lady justice 

  • Tribal sleeves

  •  Trees 

  • Galaxy/Outerspace

  • Angles/Archangels/crosses

  • Popular figures in greek mythology such as Zeus, Athena, Medusa, Persepshone

    • All of these ideas are requested year after year by multiple people.  To prevent creative burnout by trying to make enough renditions to keep the pieces fresh and interesting for each individual client, I must take a break in accepting these ideas for the time being. 

  •  Reworks or continuations of tattoos started by other artists- My focus is on creating new custom tattoos.

  • Native american themes- Unless you are native american.

  • Day of the Dead tattoos- Unless you are hispanic.

  • Flower arrangement tattoos-Unless blended with other elements as listed in ideas that are preferred.         

Wait time and booking process 

  • Requests submitted this round (August 1st) will start to be booked no sooner than Jan-March 2023.  

  • After the forms are submitted they will be sorted into ideas that will be taken on and ideas that will not be booked. 

  • If the amount of ideas accepted exceeds 30, a randomized raffle-style drawing of names will be conducted to maintain fairness. 

  • If your idea was accepted, but your name did not get drawn in the raffle, you will be put on a waiting list, and will be prioritized to schedule at the start of the next booking round.

  • If you are among the people who were previously promised booking priority, that will still be upheld;  please continue with the booking form process. 

How to proceed 

  • On August 1st a tattoo request form may be accessed from this page 

  • It will be available for 24 hours only.

  • After submitting, the forms will be sorted and processed.  We try to be as efficient as possible, but prepare for a wait time of up to 2 weeks to hear back from us. If you do not hear from us within those two weeks, please follow up with an email to make sure your form did not slip through the technological cracks!

  • You will then be contacted by Spencer, our shop manager, with either a respectful declination, or a notice that your idea has been accepted and your name is to be entered in the raffle. 

  • After the names are randomly drawn, you will be contacted to either schedule your appointment, or to be informed that you will be on the waiting list to be scheduled for the February 1st booking round. 

  • If your idea is declined and you would like more explanation as to why, please don't hesitate to ask.  We really appreciate you taking the time to submit, and hope that you do not take the declination personally. 


  • Additional Information about appointment process

    • In person consultations may be requested on the booking form.

    • Large continuous pieces will require an in person consultation.

    • A $100 deposit invoice will be sent to you upon scheduling to hold your appointment. 

    • If you have multiple concepts, please include them on one request form.  Please keep it under two ideas.


  • Predrawn or Flash Designs

    • Flash Fridays are held on the last Friday of Each month

    • Pre Drawn designs or flash designs are available upon request on the booking form  and may be found here: 

Thank you for your time and patience! Access the booking form here:

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