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The Studio was founded in 2017 with the passion to provide a creative tattoo service; a unique experience in a clean and professional environment.

We focus on kindness, comfort and creativity while maintaining a safe space for our artists and clients creative expressions.

Welcome, and thank you for your interest!

Explore below to find out about each artist


 Samantha Castrovinci
Tattoo Artist


Samantha's tattoo career started in 2007.  She specializes in illustrative tattooing that flows and fits the client's anatomy with art nouveau and biomechanical influences. Flora, fauna, faces, and figures often appear as the subject matter in her works. She is inspired by the modern human experience within ancient nature.

At her 10 year mark of tattooing, she opened The Studio.  She is now elated to share space and success with other creative tattooists.


"Tattooing has been the most consistent part of my life through all of its fluctuations of self discovery. It is most satisfying to serve others through tattooing as a medium."

 Ariel Kopelove
Tattoo Artist


Ariel is inspired by nature and music. Painting, drawing, and playing the saxophone are a few of her creative outlets. Her illustrative tattoo style began in 2018, and often contains neo-traditional influences with abstract elements.


"I love creating art and sharing it with my clients. Tattooing has helped me love myself in my body... my hope is that I can help my clients the same way through tattoos. Outside of tattooing, the things that make my heart happy are cats and Jazz music."

 Wren Freeman
Tattoo Artist


Wren started practicing stick and poke tattoos on themself as a way of overcoming and moving through pain, as well as reclaiming a sense of autonomy in their skin. Their drawing practice translated effectively into hand-poke, resulting in the discovery of their tattoo career in 2018; applying machine-free tattoos safely and with care. 


Wren’s hand-poke technique is often described as meditative and gentle. They specialize in organic, abstract, whimsical designs that flow with the body and invite a sense of ethereal playfulness. Their inspiration is drawn primarily from time spent in nature, meditation, and an intuitive, explorative drawing practice. 

"My favorite aspect of tattooing is connecting with clients. I love being able to hold space for trusting humans in this process of bodily transformation via permanent adornment."

Tatiana Martinez-Riverie
Tattoo Artist

Tati has been drawing everything and anything since they could hold a pencil. They grew up in Puerto Rico, so they especially love tattooing other brown people in the area. Their career in tattooing started almost three years ago, and they enjoy working with bold lines, and creating illustrative creatures and plants! 

"During sessions, I like to make sure that my clients are fully comfortable, whether it's your first tattoo or your 100th. No matter what your identity is, I want you to feel comfortable doing this tattoo with me."

Monica Lee
Tattoo Artist


Monica's background is in animation and mixed media arts.  Her tattooing career started in 2022 with a 

style that is characterized by its explorative, illustrative, and adorning qualities, which draw inspiration from nature and ornamental design. 

“Tattooing has helped me grow both personally and creatively in a way that no other art form has. My goal is to create a comfortable environment for my clients, allowing them to experience the sense of self-expression and autonomy that tattoos provide."

2112 and 2114 Angier Ave Durham, NC 27703

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