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 Samantha Castrovinci
Tattoo Artist

Samantha's tattoo career started in 2007.  She specializes in illustrative tattooing that flows and fits the client's anatomy with art nouveau and biomechanical influences. Flora, fauna, faces, and figures often appear as the subject matter in her works. She is inspired by the modern human experience within ancient nature.

At her 10 year mark of tattooing, she opened The Studio, and four years later, she is elated to share the space and success with other creative tattooists.


"Tattooing has been the most consistent part of my life throughout all the fluctuations of learning myself as an individual. It gives me a reason to create, accountability, and a sense of purpose by serving others with art."


 Ariel Kopelove
Tattoo Artist

Ariel began tattooing at the start of 2018.  However, her creative skills developed long before that. Ariel is inspired by nature and music. She draws, paints, and plays the saxophone. Her illustrative tattoo style contains neo-traditional influences with abstract elements.


"I love creating art and sharing it with my clients. Tattooing has helped me love myself in my body... my hope is that I can help my clients the same way through tattoos. Outside of tattooing, the things that make my heart happy are cats and Jazz music."


 Wren Freeman
Tattoo Artist

Introducing Durham's first and only permitted hand-poke tattoo artist. Wren started practicing stick and poke tattoos on themself in 2018 as a way of overcoming and moving through pain, as well as reclaiming a sense of autonomy in their skin. Their drawing practices translated effectively into hand-poke, resulting in the discovery of a tattoo career; practicing machine-free tattooing safely and with care. 


Their specialty is a ritualistic process along with an ethereal art style; drawing free-handed intuitive designs for their clients, as well as creative flash designs to choose from. Apart from tattooing, they draw with lead and colored pencils, paint, and embroider. They are also learning to weave chainmail jewelry.

"My favorite aspect of tattooing is connecting with clients. I love being able to hold space for trusting humans in this process of bodily transformation via permanent adornment."


Yasmin Charalambous
Tattoo Artist

Yasmin began tattooing at the start of 2019. Having always had an artistic passion and a love for the outdoors growing up, her style melds the natural with the surreal in a fine line application. Her inspiration pulls from the innate subconscious and psychedelia found in nature. 

"I find beauty in the rare permanence of the tattoo art form, and the intimate connection formed by the process of permanently marking another human being with my art. Tattooing provides a chance to live a purposeful and meaningful life through creative expression and connection."


Tati Martinez-Riviere
Tattoo Artist

Tati started tattooing about two years ago, but they have been drawing everything and anything since they could hold a pencil. Tati grew up in Puerto Rico, and they especially love getting to tattoo other brown people in the area. They enjoy working with bold lines, creating illustrative creatures, as well as plants! 

"During sessions, I like to make sure that my clients are fully comfortable, whether it's your first tattoo or your 100th. No matter what your identity is, I want you to feel comfortable doing this tattoo with me."


Lexi Jackson
Guest Tattoo Artist

Lexi has been tattooing for three years, making her way from her hometown in South Carolina. Extremely skilled in a variety of styles, such as black and grey realism, illustrative black and grey, and geometric work, Lexi's artistic versatility helps her create a beautiful tattoo perfectly suited to the client. 

“I’m forever grateful to have the opportunity to give my art to others in such a permanent way. I love working with my clients to create unique pieces that make them feel more confident in their bodies.”

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